Vsio NeithR

Heal broken heart by shooting heart to broken heart
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Solve dungeon obstacles and go to next floor together
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50 (+variants) front-view pixel battlers with forest and evil theme
Forest themed tileset for your platformer game!
Help Kelin find something to eat and to deliver item old house while raining.
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(WIP) Run around and collect gems with one-button gameplay
80 total trophies of 16x size voxel from bronze to platinum
(WIP) Reach to the core with a simple one-button gameplay.
50 front-view pixel battlers and 150 variant battlers for your game!
300 trophies, Bronze to Platinum, 16x16 to 32x32 pixels
(WIP) The quest to cure Kelin's running sickness.
Loop around the track and hit the laser as many as you can.
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Get the sandwich back from the dragon in PDF Game.
Help the chicken cross the river in PDF Game.
Help the person commit suicide by being eaten by a dragon in PDF Game.
Help the frog going home in PDF Game.